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Sudden death...leaves one speechless !!! Got the most horrifying news early this morning...I'm not sure if it's a dream cause reality did not kick in as yet. Devastated at the news that a friend has passed on, whom I met on Facebook became like family ...MARK TRUCKER TINSLEY with tears in my eyes ,still thinking this is a dream cannot accept the fact that you will be no more. Mark I'm in shock and disbelief ,spoke to you on were perfect not a ache or pain, I refuse to believe that you passed on, it's like I'm living a bad dream hoping to wake up to your video call or text . Right now I'm numb...disconnected with emotions and guilt !!!

[ ] Mark was an amazing bloke...he was shy but absolutely kindhearted, we connected from the beginning "friends that became family"...MARK was a reserved kinda guy, he wouldn't just share his thoughts and feelings with just anyone, I'm so privileged that I was given the opportunity to get to know Mark on a personal basis, we spoke everyday whether it was on video or text . He took me on his walks showed me the paths he walked and the kilometers he accomplished for the day...Mark loved soccer, if he's not listening to attic radio ,Mark will be watching soccer, sometimes he'll have attic radio and soccer at the same time...that's Mark for you . Last Sunday he went to watch a match at the stadium and he calls me to show me the soccer field...that's the relationship we shared ,he could be so open and honest when talking to me...Mark you were so excited for your birthday you kept singing it's someone's birthday tomorrow, like a little child waiting to open gifts, your day was planned to go to blackpool ,the rain spoilt your plans and you stayed home !!!

There's nothing that you didn't tell felt free expressing your heart out to me, I already miss you so much...I noticed that something was wrong when you didn't answer my calls or text's not like you to ignore my messages...I kept on calling and sending messages but no reply...Mark I cannot stop the tears that's flowing, the numbness in my heart...sorry for not answering your call Tuesday night...that guilt I will carry forever my friend. We grew so close together like a family ...that if someone is not on the attic chat Mark will message me is this person okay...I kept telling mark I blog for attic ,I'm not the news reporter for attic...and that loud laugh and groan he made ,made my day. Today i won't say goodbye to you my friend , I say to you till we meet again...Mark Trucker Tinsley you will never be replaced...your shoe no one will fill...your jokes were out of this world !!!

You leave us all with good memories ...Rhinestone Cowboy for Peggy, Matty ,his bestie Chris Toop and myself ...Animotion: Obsession mark will remind Darren James the extended version ...Fantastics for Helma (Matty would say Mr and Mrs Fantastic)...soaring with the angels Mark and you finally joined together with your parents whom you loved unconditionally and never stop telling me how awesome your folks were...RIP MARK TRUCKER TINSLEY...THE ATTIC FAMILY MISSES YOU ❤ YOU LEFT A VOID AND A LOT OF BROKENHEARTS ... our heartfelt prayers ,healing vibes and condolences goes out to Daniel and Isaac (they were your pride and joy Mark )!!!


Stay safe



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