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My heart is gold not gold plated and my soul is deep not shallow, my life.. my way. Stop trying to be everyone's favourite can't please everyone so stop trying, don't impress people that don't matter in your world, it's exhausting trying to fit into a label, box or fake definition of something you will never be, this is your life no one knows the path you walked, so stop trying to be all the things you were never meant to be and stop pleasing the people around you, your happiness, your self respect ,your self love are more valuable than the amount of approval, let them keep their approval, accept and judge who you are, what they think will never change who you are, they don't know you and most will never know !!!

Your peepz ...your tribe, your circle must be the ones that love you and get you and you get them, don't care what anyone thinks of you, spend your time and energy being kind, loving and respectful, and in the process be saucy, be sassy, be colorful, if that's too much for people to get then it's there loss, don't be a people's pleaser, it's only your opinion that matters, be that person with character and dignity, keep working hard to improve, the world has plenty of fake people following the crowds pretending to be something they will never be, for reasons that don't matter. Maybe you flawed maybe you a mess but at least you will always be true to you and the people you meet !!!


Stay safe



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