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Love me...great!!

Hate me...even better!!

Think I'm ugly...don't look at me!!

Think you know have no idea!!

Don't know me...don't judge me!!

When a strong woman finally gives's not because she's weak or because she no longer cares. To put it in the simplest terms...she's just tired and done , she's tired of childish immature behavior, tired of games ,so tired of feeling like she's all alone !!!

So word of advice careful of her, she has healed herself more times than you can imagine . She wears her traumas like wall paint, wiping her tears before they have a chance to roll off her checks. She's a healer and one of the dangerous ones !!!

So if you're not healing...maybe because you trying to be who you were before the trauma...remember that person doesn't exist anymore , cause there's a "new you" trying to be born...breath life into that person...embrace change !!!

Be good enough to forgive someone, but don't be stupid enough to trust them again...I knew I was healing when ...I started responding rather than reacting. I see my fellow disappointments with their own unresolved traumas. I now am so okay with being misunderstood...I have a choice between my alone time and unwanted drama (I'll definitely chose both). I've now setted boundaries and when people don't respect them , I'm just gonna clean space for those who do !!!


Stay safe


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