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Lately I've been thinking that life is held together by after the other, all shapes and sizes , right or wrong doesn't matter. Because life keeps on unfolding won't wait around for you, if you sit still it can pass you by altogether. I guess I'd like to believe that all the choices are made for us to instantly enter into this world...because if that's true then we exactly where we supposed to be forever. Every path you take leads to another choice...some choices changes everything ,every damn moment for the rest of your life hangs on!!!

The world breaks everyone...the very good, the very gentle, the very brave and those it doesn't break "it kills". There's no shame in being a broken person (I should know) just pick up the pieces and start rebuilding. Pain ...lately I've become very much acquainted with it, the slow and very steady aching pain ,the type that comes when you've been hurt repeatedly hurt by someone or simply by body aches . You finally breath thinking that yesterday's problems will stay in the past . When infact it's today's problem, tomorrow's problem and the problem with everyday after that. Only in that rare moments when you feel the emptiness ,you feel the intense pain, is the pain going to I don't think so or maybe it will. We will just have to push through life's aches and pains "overcoming it" !!!


Stay safe



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