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I sometimes wonder how do birds do it... Travel thousands of miles without getting lost, banging into windows being eaten by predators, fighting the heavy winds and storms, thunder and someone looked at me and laughingly said "you a mess today"I knew they were trying to be funny so I brushed it off, what they didn't know is I'm a mess most days... It's just a matter of how much of my disaster is showing, such is my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I've never been perfect and I gave up perfection a long time ago, I'm a work in progress each and every day, truth is I wake up most days with no clue how I'm going to get everything done ,but I still find a way to have it all done. I'm in a roundabout and unique way sometimes, but I always manage to do so with my own original flair. I'm sure there are alot of people who have an opinion about how I live my life, but I really couldn't tell you for sure because I stopped listening to judgemental people a long time ago !!!

What matters to me is my happiness, living my life the way I choose in the manner I want, sure I make a lot of mistakes and take my fair shares of wrong turns, but that's just part of the flavor of life, I learn from my failures and evolve from my struggles, and I'll take whatever it takes to keep pushing forward, becoming the best version of me, no I don't have all the answers and I dont have to, sometimes I just step back take a deep breath and let life happen, this is my life and I don't owe anyone an explanation other than myself, I'm the one that has to look in the mirror every day and feel good that I'm doing my best and I am... I'm a work in progress and I'm a masterpiece all at the same time, rain or shine, rise or fall, it's always going to be me versus the world and I'm coming out on top all the time my way... I'd rather live as an original than to exist as a copy, so forgive me if I don't care what the world thinks of who I am and how I live my life, what matters is my opinion, I don't regret and I make no apologies for who I am !!!


Stay safe



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