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Rise...despite everything you are going through..."never give up". If I could tell you anything to save you, the time ,the lessons in this life...I would tell you to never let anything that happens turn you bitter. Don't let the pain of something that was out of your hands turn you cold..."love unconditionally" stay soft as hard as that is sometimes. Try, try all of your heart to stay tender ...don't let your circumstances harden your heart . I know that there's a lot of things that hurt...takes us to our knees and threatens our hearts, "let it go". You can't change things but you can choose to not let it change you. Don't let the pain define you, don't let your circumstances around you dimmer your lights. You are bigger than that...I hope you know , you are never how someone makes you feel ...let it hurt , let it heal but don't linger there, remember who you are and rise !!!

There is no shame in crying...there is no shame in feeling sad...there is no shame in grieving for the love you once had. There is no shame in hurting...there is no shame in sorrow...there is no shame in asking for help. There is no shame reaching out and touching another person's life...there is no shame in silence ,there is no shame in tears...remember we are all different, no one is the same...There is no shame in just being you. People allow their pride to get the better off them...that's when things start to fall apart. So if you want change all starts with you !!!


Stay safe


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