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I use to let too many people with bad energy and toxic personalities into my circle...and I wondered why I was always drained out all the time. People who stressed me out in my own space...I'm at a point in my life where I've realized that I don't have to allow negativity into my life. People think I'm rude because I'm selective of who I let into my tribe...and that's okay with me. I will not justify what I need to do to be one is walking in my shoes and they don't live my life. Over-all I choose my happiness ...I will block the people who drag me down and make me feel insecure. I'm asking the toxic people to leave me be...stop the gossiping, stop the interference because I'm done entertaining people who don't contribute to my life. I don't care what anyone does in their lives...if they don't bring positive energy into my life then they have to go !!!

It's challenging enough to tackle my days sometimes...I don't need the added stress of negative people and toxic personalities. That's the reason I keep a low radar of myself...I'm sure I'll be the bad guy to some and I'm sure everyone will have their opinion of why I'm stuck up (well that's just how I'm going to stay). I know what I need and who the people are that make me feel good, the chosen few beautiful souls that enrich my life and help me be a better person. So I'm done apologizing to those who come across with gross energy and negative personalities...this is my life and I'm doing what I have to do to be happy, feeling alive and enjoying the moment. I won't always be right...i will never be perfect but at least living the way that I want always makes me happy, and I can't ask for any more that that !!!


Stay safe



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