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Some people's traumas makes them stronger... but my trauma made me traumatized, it made me weak, gave me sleepless nights and memory loss. It gave me feelings I never wanted, i made myself stronger by dragging myself out of a dark place and dealing with the consequences that weren't my fault. Reliving something over and over again can cause devastating relapses...and the same cycle manifest itself in different ways, is it possible that the cause is a wound from the past we not even aware off. When you talk about your past, it's only your past that you can think off...but think of your mother's, your grandmother's, grandfather's or even their parents. Do you think that our health problems are shattered relationships?, our financial or spiritual could all be caused by wounds from generation passed? !!!

Is it possible to change it all by simply excepting those wounds...if we knew how the past effected us, would we still avoid facing it, or no matter how much we avoid it would it never stop chasing us. A buried past repeats new generations and in new ways...this is not actually a problem but a vital tool for survival. Because those who have past through darkness before us...can also show us the way out, accepting the past can change our feelings in the present, but when our feelings change...does our future change as well. Sometimes making peace with the past can fix everything, sometimes reminiscing the past doesn't heal all's best to forgive...forget and let go. Enjoy the present and focus on the future...accepting the past is never enough to change, we must take new steps without fear...isn't that the story of the "Phoenix" reborn from its own done with the past !!!


Stay safe


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