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You cannot lose real friends.

You just can’t.

They won’t go, no matter how hard you push them away when you are not yourself.

They will wait

and wait

and wait, until they see a tiny glimmer of your light breaking through and back they will come, with open arms.

Your real friends are still there !!!

And if they feel lost to you right now, perhaps it’s because they are lost to themselves.

Just wait

and wait

and wait,

then knock on that door,

reach in, just in case they can’t reach out.

And do it again until they answer.

If you are feeling sad about the people you have ‘lost’ along the way my friend, don’t. They were never yours to keep. Real friends don’t need to be earned, or appeased, or coaxed. They are in it for the long haul and for all the right reasons.

And each of those friends is worth a dozen fair-weather, so count your lucky stars if you have even one.

Keep your circle small but let its light be mighty. You can’t lose real friends, they just won’t go !!!


Stay safe



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