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Stop looking at closed doors in your life...

When something happens to you that's painful, that's life altering... don't stay shackled to that problem for so long that you never actually move forward into your destiny because you so entangled to that which was meant to break you but never succeeded in breaking you, was only there as a stumbling block along the way. The reason I'm sharing this with you because we tend to look at closed doors for far too long. You maybe lost an opportunity, maybe had a heart break in your life and you stay everyday entangled in this situation, every moment of your life feeling the pain, the agony and the strife of what that lost experience means to you !!!

That door closed for a reason...but if you continue to watch that close door you not gonna notice the doors that are opening all around you my friend. My advice for you today , is that a closed door is simply redirecting you to where you should be, and with whom you should be with and where you should be at. I know it's painful when a door closes in your face...I've had many doors close in on my face...and I promise you, when I look back now I say "THANK GOD" I didn't get that opportunity, or I'm not with that person, or I'm not in that place...because I am exactly were I should be and it's far grander and greater than anything my mind could comprehend. Im always in the mood to make it right !!!


Stay safe


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