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From a very young age most of us are taught that lying is wrong...that lying makes you a bad person!. But in reality that's the first lie, lies helps us to defeat our fears. They help us to project a tailored image of ourselves to short lies helps us to survive. I have lied many times in my life, I guess we all have...some of us never feel the guilt or remorse for doing it and I've always got a way, haha most of the time... with doing it, until I decide to change. We all lie at some point in our lives...some of us are passive liars, some say it's just a simple white lie, others are sociopathic liars, pathological liars, compulsive liars, occasional liars, habitual liars and there's the pathetic liars !!!

Cheating is a form of's the same as ignoring the truth about how you really feel. It's like burying the truth, sometimes not saying anything is the best lie of all. Lies are everywhere and they take many then why do we lie????

Even though we know that the truth could come to light, maybe we're paralyzed by the fear of facing the have to find courage were none exists and let it go.

But we're not always brave enough to face the truth...we remain there motionless, waiting. But the truth one way or another always comes to life in the end ...and when this happens, no lie can save you. Lying to those around us, makes us feel bad...sometimes it's the only way to protect them or one's self, because knowing everything all the time isn't always good. It's often better to live in ignorance, believing that life is simpler than it really is. Sometimes lying protects us !!!


Stay safe



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