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I've searched the world and I've tasted it's pleasures, I've known love and I've known loss. I've known abundance and wealth, poverty and hardship !!!

I've been alone, rejected, abandoned, used and abused but I've also known love. I've been treasured, accepted, rejected, hated, appreciated, cherished and uncherished. I've been faithful and unfaithful, been loyal and I've betrayed !!!

I've lied and cheated, deceived and stolen (not as in a thief but as a kid took something that wasn't mine to take) and I've given, sacrificed, served and blessed others, yet no matter how righteous or unrighteous I have behaved, no matter how much I have or have not had, no matter how loved or unloved I've felt, no one and nothing has ever filled the empty places in my soul !!!

I can face every storm, every tragedy, every victory and every trial, every mountain top and darkest valley and still come out strong, I've been built to overcome anything that is set to destroy me...

yes I slip, I fall , I made endless mistakes and bad choices but I never gave up. I always fight the toughest battles alone and come out standing stronger, more victorious and more powerful !!!

When life throws you lemon...don't take it laying down, squeeze the damn juice and add some'll have a perfect thirst quecher. I've realized to let go of anything or anyone that pulls me down...or anyone who drains out my energy. I'm a new person and everyday I learn something new about myself...and I'm loving it !!!


Stay safe



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