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We have to make the most of our order to be fair, we have to assume that reality is always more complexed than it seems. The truth can be trapped in a web of lies... and the innocent always suffers the consequences. Injustice fails us, we can only hold on to the most powerful feeling "love". Fear is a power that helps us survive...when we're threatened with danger, fear sharpens our senses and helps us solve problems we felt were impossible to solve. Embracing our fears are the best way to overcome them...only then do we feel we've regained control !!!

Fear plays a part in every decision we make...particularly when the decision effects someone we love the most, the fear can't be overcome. It must be accepted as a part of life... that's the only way to be free of cowardness, because being brave is not the same as facing your destiny inspite of fear, no matter how terrible that destiny is. But some people are not strong enough to face it...fear can take many shapes and it feeds our mind, we become paralyzed and it makes us unable to solve our problems. When guided by fear... we can make unforgivable mistakes, mistakes that rob us of the results we so badly hoped for !!!


Stay safe


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