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In life there are always decisions to be made...sometimes they are tiny insignificant choices. But at other times these decisions can be massive changing the course of your life forever, between a yes and saying no there is a life full of happiness or a life full of disgrace. Because when you can't have everything, but you have to chose something and you will still always live with the fear of making a mistake. For example...only a true friend is capable of sacrificing their happiness for the fulfillment of someone else's, to have friendship or love instead...that's a difficult decision. Which decision is the correct one?

How can you know what you thinking is right? and yet know that prehaps in the future you might still regret what you've done !!!

Sometimes the best solution is to leave things as they are. Love is all about emotions ...and when someone falls inlove, they can find out things about other people that they didn't know before, or to find out things that lead you to the realization that you yourself are in the wrong body. Sometimes the love of your life stops being your friend...and even turns into your worst enemy. But you still have to be intimate with them order to keep the ones you love safe. Love or friendship, at times I wonder why we have to chose...why must they be seperate when friendship is simply another kind of love !!!


Stay safe



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