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There's no feeling worst than doubting yourself... you don't know what to think  what to feel. Doubt can lead you down some dangerous paths, it makes you vulnerable to yourself and your enemies, people who won't hesitate to take advantage of your faulting steps. Doubt may cross your mind for just a moment...but sometimes that one moment is enough to tip the scales one way or another!!!

Does doubt leave us with a setback or do we achieve our goals... doubt precedes every decision, once you make a decision the doubt vanishes and all that remains is a clear path to follow. After you've decided that doubt still persist then it's course for worry, because doubt only appears when one make a decision contrary to what the heart desires, for only the heart knows what it truly yearns for. When you have what your heart wants infront of you... doubt just vanishes, the only certainty that remains is maybe from now on you can start to be happy !!!

#doubtislikeadisease @atticradiothecarouselneverstopsturning

Stay safe



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