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They say patience always wins out for any sudden burst of violence... after all we've been put through in life, sometimes patience is not a virtue that we or myself can afford. In all the years I suffered, I  decided to be patient to wait for the right time to act, to unleash all the anger, the resentment and frustration I've be bottling inside me all this time...the time came when I needed to react. The thought of losing myself in the process tortured me... that's when I decided the time had come to finally tell my story. Unleash everything I've been bottling up over all these years... I wanted to leave a mark, prove that I'd fought for my sanity and stability, prove that I can control the beast inside me, prove that I'm a good person !!!

I wanted the world to know about the terrible hidden monsters, I have faced... how far I have gotten despite the pain, all the sacrifices, that I'd still manage to achieve my dreams...dreams of being free, of being not obligated to anyone, dreams to spread my wings that have been tied and bound for far too long. I felt like a prisoner trapped in my own body, not able to fend for myself. I'm not ashamed of my story...I look back from being a Victim to a Victor... leaves me astounded. It's my hope that future independent strong woman can learn from my triumph, above all learn from the mistakes I made along the way. We can't change the past, with strength and patience we can learn to live with it...accepting the past is far from easy. The anger I felt burning inside me, makes it almost impossible not to lose our patience and get carried away. I've realized that my weakness enemy was the person inside me, the one that makes me lose my temper !!!


Stay safe



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