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Someone once told me that there are situations in which pain would be inevitable... but it's up to us whether we suffer or not. Pain that's caused by traumas we faced as a child, as a young teenager or merely as an adult. This pain makes you tend to lose everything, it may not be physical pain, could be emotional or physcological pain, it does however makes you lose not only your freedom, or your identity but also the little dignity you have left !!!

Inside you, you stop being a person...instead you become helpless and defenseless. With all that you were facing you feel you are worth nothing

Every negative word , every insult, every humiliation... hurts inside like ice in your bones, that can only be described as pain endured to yourself by you allowing this pain to torment you. A suffering that brand's you for life...only a few can forget this horrible-pain !!!

Sometimes even when you in the worst situations, you find solutions... maybe it's a survival instinct, but some people will do whatever they can to escape pain. This pain drives you to the edge...nothing and no one can stop you from taking risks for your survival, but deep down we know we can't control everything. Pain is like a melody that never stops playing... life has small doses of pain ready for us and it administered without warning. There is no antidote to take away the suffering... even though endeavoring pain it comes as a blessing in the end. Like a rainbow after the storms...something worthwhile, something good to come, sometimes a bad memory !!!


Stay safe



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