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Scars shows that you went through something hard and you survived's your story that's how I look at it... I use to be worried about everything. Things that seemed meaningful were actually meaningless, I worried about life... I worried about what would happen if I let myself feel again, I thought I didn't deserve too. Then without even knowing it, it changed...I wasn't worried about what would happen if I'd lived, i was worried about what would happen if i didn't !!!

What I would miss... I worried about not remembering all of the moments cause I am someone who wonders.  Life thought me you don't have to climb a mountain to stand on top of the world. Even the ugliest of places can be long as you take the time to look. That it's okay to get long as you find your way back. There's beautiful in the unexpected of places...there are bright places even in your darkest times, if you feel there isn't then you can be that bright place with infinite capacities. Be a dreamer...dream while you awake, dream of all the beauty in the world and make it come to life !!!

@atticradiothecarouselneverstopsturning Stay safe



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