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Freedom is something that we all desire...but we aren't always prepared to face the consequences, because being free also means accepting that your freedom ends were another person's begins. It means taking responsibility for your own mistake, a single mis-step, one bad decision can bring your reality crumbling down. Only when we wake we realize that the thing we value the most has been taken away from us. They say that the truth always sets us free... but to find the truth, we sometimes need to go down binding roads, were the only choice to avoid the obstacles is to walk a path of lies and deceit. We have to do whatever we have to inorder to regain one's stay true to your truth. The real key to the lock that binds our freedom, still hides beyond our grasp in the shadows !!!

We learn to become adults when we realize that life simply isn't fair... sometimes it brings us happiness but in other times, life gives us misfortune. We expect rewards when we behave well... and we expect people to pay for behaving badly just seems fair. But the truth is life doesn't care about any of that...because if there's one thing I've learned, is that justice does not exist. The problem is, opportunity can slip away right before our eyes...and regretfully the unjust wins the battle. There is no greater injustice than being punished for the past mistakes of loved ones...we fall apart but we don't give up. The only way we could be at peace with ourselves is to continue fighting, no matter how hard it gets for us, even if those around us thought we were clinging to impossible dreams, we have to keep looking for justice. Because if your course is truly just, it's only a matter of time for the truth to come to light !!!


Stay safe



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