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If you are a feeler like me, feelings can often take you on a roller coaster faster than you can catch your breath. Feelings are not “truths”, and they are often shaped by your previous experiences and hurts. Emotions make you sometimes react in ways that doesn’t really make any sense. Not even to yourself... It is HARD to put breaks on feelings !!!

That is why it is important to take a deep breath, stop and pray and seek God or any form of solace. Sometimes you need to fight through that uncomfortable feeling or situation and let your inner self lead you to healing. Avoiding things can make you miss the GOOD that your inner being wants to bring your way. Time, therapy, vise counsel and prayer are great tools seeing things clearer. Let’s not allow our feelings to block our blessings or take us on a wrong path. In this season and the world we living in... we need clarity and clear direction !!!


Stay safe



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