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I don’t know who needs to hear this but...

It is the trials and struggles of life that make each of us. Many may crumble and many may fall apart, but you my dear... you will be made better, stronger and more confident just gotta hang in there. It is so important to guard your dreams, your vision and plans and not share with people who would rather tear them down so you don't reach your full potential. People know what you are capable of ,they just don't want you to realise your vast potential. People shoot your dreams because they are scared of your potential !!!

You're been sharing your dreams with people...You've been telling people about the business you wanna open or expand, about the relationship you are in, people tell you it won't won't be  successful, it's a lost course. Some people say your dreams are too big...(pie in the sky dreams), they shooting you down. They not shooting you down because you can't achieve your dreams, they shooting you down because you can !!!

By you listening to them you not achieving your full potential because those people are scared for what you can achieve. They would rather put you down so you don't realize your full potential...and you my dear haven't realized that yet. Stop sharing your dreams with people who don't want you to reach your full potential. Keep your lips tirelessly hard on your goals and dreams and let everybody else read about it, and find out through the great vine like they find everything else out !!!

Stop talking so harder, work smarter, speak less , really becareful about who you talk too about your plans and dreams. People are so afraid about what you can a dream builder not a dream breaker...always in the mood to make things right !!!


Stay safe



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