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Do you resent a person or love them for their bad behavior?. Difficult choice to make, cos the people we connected to are either family or close knit friends,that makes it even more difficult to choose .

It may sound silly but has the hardest part of your everyday been just getting out of bed and facing the world. You just lay in bed thinking of all the things you need to get done, you imagine stuff in your mind,things you accomplished and the things you failed at !!!

You tend to have this inner fear questioning you every choice or decision, you get scared of saying the wrong things at home or in company, then doubt creeps in and you start to think you shouldn't even try to conquer your fears.You just lay in bed all the time just wishing you could scream out your lungs how much pressure you feeling just to make someone proud .Stop living in other people shadows ,we don't need anyone's approval ,this is our life we do what makes us happy !!!

We don't give up for taking the wrong roads remember there's always a place to turn. Life doesn't give you what you want it merely gives you what you deserve ,we get stuck in this web of pity party (well it's time we drag our sorry self out) only we have the power and strength to move out of this circle or I could say self imprisonment. Rise and shine you own your story ...


Stay safe



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