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Life's lessons...

Firstly be careful who you trust; not everybody is your friend. Remember everybody that's in your circle might not be in your corner...

Sometimes the people you love the most family/friends are secretly wishing you fall.

It might be the one's you'll do anything for that will sell you out and treat you like you nothing/nobody. The people you trust and share your most deepest feelings/secrets and confide in, they not consoling you to help you; they are secretly enjoying your failures. Some pointers we all should take into consideration...

(1) not invited...don't go

(2) not told...don't ask

(3) late invites...decline

When this happens...remember you were not part of the plan; you've suddenly become an convenience !!!

Say it like it is...don't care if people stop talking to you, remember you breathe air not people. Sometimes you need to look back at your remind yourself of all you have been through and how far you have come. If you focus on your journey with positive insights you will automatically end up surrounded by people who shares your values. Remind yourself daily...I am a strong woman every bit of pain in my life, I've dealt with alone. There was no one to hold my hand, I cried myself to sleep just to awake and fake a smile. I picked myself up...yes I did it all alone, and put myself together, I have grown from things sent here to break me; I have enough wisdom learned from each mistake to last 5 lifetimes. My lessons are learned but I'm still learning more everyday to stay stronger...because "I AM ALL I HAVE" !!!


Stay safe



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