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For the longest time, there were always those days when I thought I wanted to just disappear... those times when I felt like I was getting pulled under by the storms of life. I just felt almost invisible and alone in the struggles I faced; it took everything I had not to just cry and shrink into a ball in the corner... that’s when I realized that I never really wanted to disappear at all... Just the opposite. The silence of the nights and the harshness of some days made me yearn to feel not alone for once...for someone to come along and just; see me !!!

To be appreciated for who I was, appreciated for everything I wanted to be and just loved... Isn’t that what anyone really wants? Through the good times and the bad, the storms and the sunshine... to be loved, seen and to know that we aren’t alone. That’s where I was as I lie in bed, a million thoughts and feelings flashing through my head... i don’t know if tomorrow will bring that to me, so all I can do is hope…For more sunshine, happier times and people that care about me; so, yeah, I don’t want to disappear anymore, i just want to be found, seen and loved…

For the person that I am, it’ll happen, I know it will; and when it does, the nights will seem less cold, the storms less turbulent and the light more bright.

That’ll be a start.. and for now, that’s more than enough, I’ll get there when I’m meant to; one day, one challenge and one moment at a time... I’ll be fine..I always am !!!


Stay safe



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