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Be kind to often and do your share of good deeds, remember our time is limited on earth "borrowed"; so don't waste it in uselessness. You came naked, you go naked; you arrived weak you will leave weak. You came without money and materialistic things; you will leave without money and materialistic things. Your first bath? someone washed you...your last bath? Some one will wash you "that's life". So why so much malice, so much hatred, so much anger, resentment and bitterness, so much selfishness. Sometimes it's good to shut down instead of blowing up, it's good to maintain your distance from people who will never admit they have wronged you...who always try to make you feel like everything's your fault !!!

Be proud of how you've been handling these past few years, months and days...remember the silent battles you've fought, no one knows. The moments you had to humble yourself, no one noticed; the many times you've wiped your own tear, no one has seen, always celebrate your "strength". Don't ever ever ever give anybody enough power over you, to bring back that triggered, unhealed version of you...when you've worked so hard to become better than that. Yea you not perfect ...nobody is, Flaws yea you got them; Laws yea you've broke them; Scars yes you've bared them; Lessons yes you've learned them; Problems (oh my goodness) it's never ending; that's my life "still love it" !!!



Stay safe



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