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When life knocks you down; it's OK to take a moment to catch your breath and gather your strength...but don't stay down for too long because the world needs your light. You may not know this...but you are a beacon of hope to someone out there; a source of inspiration and a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is still beauty to be found. So get back up dust yourself off and keep shining...your resilience is a testament to the human spirit and your courage is a guiding light for those who may be lost in the darkest. Keep moving forward and know that you are loved, you are valued and you are making a difference in this world !!!

We all have those days of isolation; withdrawal and timeout kind of's  OK coz we all human. I'm personally am a living chaos and I can drive anyone crazy, but I'm also loyal and passionate and will love till death. Oh yes, I'm definitely trouble and I can make you lose your mind, but I will never leave you when you need me the most. Yeah I'm a difficult person to live with and I can make you mad...but at that same moment I can be fun and make you laugh. Once you know me, you'll know how nerve wrecking I can be, I can make you cry; I'm also loving and will hug you whilst you cry. Hmmm, I'm a rebel that's no lie...I'll drive you insane, but I'm also fierce and will fight for you till the end. Yes I've got two most of you out there, one light, one dark !!!


Stay safe



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