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I've had enough of blending in with people who have no vision...not that there's anything wrong with living there lives in that way. It's just not for me...I need more, more adventures; more deep conversations, definitely more things that fill my soul and spark my passions. I'll always have stuff to do; places to go and things to do, doesn't mean I have to stop there. I've been living and looking over the edge for far to long, time for me to step outside of my comfort zone and start really living. I'm stuck in a rut...doing the same old things with the same people seeking adventure and happiness in the usual ways. I'm breaking out of my expectations...finding my wings and finally seeing who I can become. It's long overdue and I'm not going to keep making excuses for why I can't be more or do more !!!

I've let my life squash my dreams and got so busy making a living that I've forgotten how to really live...I'm not okay with that anymore. I'm making the changes that my heart has been wanting for such a long time. I'm sure there will be people who won't understand or will judge me for following my dreams, and that's okay with me. I'm not asking for permission or acceptance; my people, the one's that truly love me and support me, will always be in my corner. I've been living moment to moment for so long that I forgot there's more to life...and today I'm choosing to start more than just struggle. I'm better than I've been and I deserve the best out of my life. There's only one person that can make that happen and "That's Me" more excuses and being comfortable,  I'm changing what needs to be changed, starting with my mindset. In the end...I choose to be happy, to live proudly and to become one of those people that you never forget !!!


Stay safe



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