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It's sad when you realize maybe the best way to live your life is alone... You realize you're getting older and finding someone solid to build a life with is just not going to happen. People nowadays are all full of themselves; instead of prioritizing you, you become just an option, whilst some people are stuck in their jobs, some are stuck on an EX, some are continously stuck with excuses ( busy busy busy ) some stuck in the past or you'll find one who enters your life and disrupts it just enough to where they want you sometimes but dont want you enough to be with you; but also dont want to let you go. We're literally living in a generation that being toxic is okay... its depressing to think that being single is far better option because its the only way to your peace and well-being !!!

The actual concept of a relationship nowadays is  almost impossible...people lack honesty, commitment and especially communication. And its sad that you know what you can bring to the table but you will never have a table to bring it too...don't be a sucker for punishment, know your worth. Listen most times we are all happy, most times we are all sad...we don't know what's over us, some times you good and some times you're wild, sometimes you're over thinking everything. So if you think you can hurt me?...think again, I stayed with a man that continously hurt me; lied to me, abused me physically and mentally, he watched me break in a million pieces with zero emotions on his face. Took me for granted and made me out to be the bad bring anything my way and see how maturely and with dignity I handle myself !!!


Stay safe



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