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A woman with no friends...or a very small Circle is very very Secure Woman. She does not need any validation from others "Trust Me". Nothing is don't stress yourself too much, because no matter how bad the situation is "it's going to change".

Just keep swimming...sometimes those around you will not understand your journey. That's OK, it's not their's yours, remember if you live for people's ACCEPTANCE, you will die from their REJECTION. So don't worry about other people's opinions of carrying on doing You. You are not on earth to impress people only to love them. Also try to take a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive, nourishing and uplifting people. People you know who will stand by you...believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams and applaud your victories !!!

Keep saying to yourself "You Are Enough"...even when you are hurting, when your bones feel heavy and your heart is aching. It is ok to feel, it is ok to widen your heart and to move too a place of expansion, remember there is beauty in vulnerability. You are enough, even when people make you feel forever "less", it's what's inside that matters the most. Worthiness comes from not build a home for it inside someone else.

You are more than their perceptions, much more than their are enough even when you make mistakes. Stop punishing yourself for your imperfections...immerse them in compassion and recognize that they are part of who you are, it is only with them that you are whole. Please remember that you are the only person who defines your value, so be gentle to yourself, be kind to yourself, love yourself. You are brave, capable and are thoughtful and empathetic, you are deserving and you are are too infinitely enough !!!


Stay safe



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