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If you hurt me, I'll remember that for a very very long time...I'm very emotionally invested in certain things, like if I feel bad it will take me a long time to get over it. I am me, I don't pretend to be like everyone else, I don't wanna be like everyone else and I will not change who I am, just to fit in. Take me as I am...or watch me as I go. I don't have time to be know how much time it takes hold attitude and a grudge? That's time and energy...i don't have, the time that it takes you to go "I don't like that person and keep that in you over a period of time, that's a lot of time".

My time can be devoted to something positive...I choose positive cause overall positive will always beat negative. Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping it kills the other person !!!

There will be a time that we'll be afraid of welcoming people into our lives...we'll be scared of letting in and getting attached with them. The reason is the fear of suffering the pain of letting go, and the first and the most basic thing that we'll be doing to protect ourselves is to stay away from the people we are afraid of getting attached too !!!

Which is so hard because it is equivalent to avoiding the privilege of becoming happy, and there's a thing that will will be the fact that you'll be caught in the middle of choosing which pain to endure. Which pain can we stand better? The pain caused by unhappiness and loneliness or the pain that we know nobody will ever be strong enough to stand against it !!!


Stay safe



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