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They say after losing someone "the pain gets better with time" FALSE...

We don't ever heal, we learn to deal with it in time. Lately i'm getting use to being triggered by teared pillowcases, now I'm at a point were I'd rather cry than sing. Time taught me that no matter how much gets in between me and the day you got your "Angel's Wings" I still have to tell myself : it's true, he really is gone and he's not coming back" on a daily basis...and no matter how much time I spend crying and embracing my pain, I'll never be done mourning the loss of you "my puppy" time spent with you was better than all that I've spent missing you. Losing someone you love teaches us how to choke back your tears in public and how to fake smile through the moments, people have good intentions but shitty encouragements. Again they say "TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS" RIGHT? FALSE again !!!

There is no way you can ever fully express the pain of losing a loved one (especially a baby "our baby"). There is no way you can make others understand the pain you are enduring...all you can do is deal with things the best you can and hope that those who are close to you...

your friends and your family will try to understand and will care enough to support you through the toughest most painful time in your life. What you are going through is heartbreaking and you would never wish for anyone else to go through. It's during these dark times in your life that the one's who truly care and feel your pain and your loss will step up and be there !!!

Letting go of you baby is the hardest part of our lives..."you were our little baby", "our Dinobaby" our "Landon pops". You made us all the happiest people for the shortest period of time...we are forever grateful you had to share those precious priceless memorable "seventy five months" of your life with us. Saying goodbye to you "puppy" hurt us so much...thank you my "Angel Baby" for sharing those three years, three months with us. Our moments spent together holds a special place in all our hearts, they will forever be cherished. Your presence brought so much of happiness and meaning to our lives...though we said goodbye (it's never goodbye). Our love for you will remain forever...I'll never regret a single moment I shared with you "my puppy", irritating you with my photos and videos, those tight hugs and precious kisses, I would do it again and again if you were still here, unfortunately we were robbed off you,(snatched away too soon) !!!


Stay safe



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