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I am not always strong...I know this because I sometimes feel like giving up, I'm only good at pretending to be okay, despite of that I'm trying my best to endure all the sadness and pain that I'm feeling. I'm not always this strong person that people claim I am...I'm secretly fighting my own battles and inner demons, I break down most of the time, I get tired of fighting myself to stay strong. I don't know what exactly some of yall are feeling right now, or going through or how heavy it is to carry...I hope yall know that yall are not alone. Some people are waiting for us to reach out...they might never make the pain dissappear but they will try their best to understand !!!

Sit with those people who truly care...they're the ones who will make you realize that you don't have to bear all your pain alone. Life can be so hard most of the time...and some situations will push you to the point were you badly want to give up. I hope you always choose to keep going and survive the bad days...

I hope you find the courage to live even on the days that you feel like everything is falling apart. I hope you never lose yourself while you're still hurting, I want you to know that no matter how heavy you feel right now, your feelings are always valid !!!

It's not easy to tell yourself that everything will be okay...when you yourself do not believe it and you feel so hopeless. I hope you will always try to make yourself feel brave no matter what challenges you are facing every day. I hope you heal from everything that you're going through even if you're losing hope sometimes. I hope you never get tired of picking yourself up every time you fall...I hope that the universe will be kinder to you than it was too me, especially on the days you try to hate yourself. Most importantly I hope you stop blaming yourself for all the suffering that you've been through...because the truth is, you don't deserve it and you never deserved it, find yourself again please because life is too short even on our longest days !!!


Stay safe


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