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What can be done for you, only you can do, right now I can't imagine defending how one's life gets better when my life has been one long crushing example of precisely how life sucks .But it doesn't start or end with my life in particular, it's everyone out there, that's either too scared or too vulnerable to be upfront with their life's choices.Listen there's decisions you cannot make and there's decisions you can make ,cos at times whatever you decide ,you will be haunted by it for the rest of your life. Ive seen it first had,the guilt ,the shame,the loss...

Being invisible is almost like being non existent...Sounds confusing, let's simplify it. Seems scary to always be the target of someone else's delusional behavior. Someone always trying to fix you but you can't be fixed ,fixed is not a thing it doesn't exist nobody leaves this earth fixed .You need the tools of survival to get you through each day and not to be fixed , you gonna make it in life, it's s just the beginning you gonna hike all the way to the top (use the tools of survival everyday ).

We push hard cos we want answers, how can we accept that everything we face in life is random. Life can't be arbitrary, I thought maybe it's something we miss ,maybe there was something we could've done to make things better ,maybe we could've done alot of things different.

Sometimes you do everything right and you get the same results like you'd done nothing . We don't know who we are at times ,we look in the mirror and don't recognize that person.

What happens to us is not fair,there must be a thousand reasons behind it ,

no answer that will make it better.

We just don't want our life to be arbitrary, the way I see it is, you got a choice either let the randomness of this

beat you down or you pick yourself up and you keep fighting. (ENDINGS BE DAMNED). Days like today they hit us hard ,we do what we can and find solace in knowing our contribution helped !!!


Stay safe



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