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You are not a failure when you fall down ,you become one when you stay down, to succeed you must keep rising...

There's gonna be times you make mistakes,you will definitely fall from time to time, you'll feel sad and disappointed, but that doesn't make you a failure. There are bends not the end ,it's part of life's process. You become a failure when you let it keep you down, you've only failed when you allow yourself to stop moving on.

A successful person is someone who refuses to quit, who keeps getting up after every hit and keeps trying one more time until he or she wins .

Success is like a rose but the road to it is littered with thorns . The upward path is an uneasy path ,you keep striving to get to the top. People may see you suffer but they must never see you quit .

They might see you struggle but they must never see you giving up. Cry if you must but wipe your tears and get right back up...

The difference between a success and a failure is that when failures quit the race ,successful people hang on until they reached the finish line.

Success is not in never failing, but in rising every time you fall.

When the zeal is gone,and you feel you can't carry on ,you become a success when you choose to keep trying...

Success is not final ,failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts !!!


Stay safe



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