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She can fall apart at night & and still rise up in the morning,like nothing happened. Strong woman feel pain thet just don't let it break them. The woman that falls apart behind closed doors is the same smiling woman that greets the world in the morning . She hurts in ways most will never phantom, she braves so much pain that will bring most men to their knees. She wasn't given much choice so she does what she has to ,too keep moving forward, with tears in her eyes and hope in her heart !!!

Pain has almost wrecked her more times than she knows and still she carries on. Every harsh word and her broken heart she carries within , there's a big difference between her and the rest ...

She doesn't let the pain break her , she's so many things warrior, survivor, dreamer but above all she's phenomenonal.

When all she wants to do is fall apart ,she spreads her wings and flies higher ,she's amazing, resilient and free.

She didn't choose this life ,she was given this life because she was strong to live it


When it hurts "observe " life is trying to teach you something.

Forget who hurt you yesterday ,but don't forget those who love you everyday. Forget the past that made you cry ,and focus on the present that makes you smile . Forget the pain but never forget the lessons you gained.

Your value is priceless, your potential is limitless , you are a queen stand at your greatness. What if it's time for new beginnings? What if it's your time for a new adventure? Open your heart and start looking for the beautiful moments trying to find you . Yours is a story of change & strength...

In the end people will judge you anyway

so don't live your life impressing others Live your life impressing yourself . You where born to stand out not fit in . When you yourself start seeing your worth ,you'll find it harder to stand around people who don't. I use to have this fear of what people thought of me, was I a happy person ? "Nope" ,I didn't have an ego nor pride, I was a simple person.When you truly don't care what anyone thinks of you ,

You have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom. BEST ADVICE I CAN EVER GIVE !!!


Stay safe


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