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Why would my brain do that, remember that ???

It kind of seems intuitive until you realize how the brain works .

The brain is just trying to make sense of things .Like sometimes the world is so beautiful, life is also fragile ,you blink its gone just like that ,In a face of horror our minds turn it into a story

To make sense of it even if it doesn't make sense !!!

So why would your mind tell you that this world was evil ...

Because evil means your fear is right

Evil means that you can just give up

But to believe we all have a capacity to be heroes no matter how evil the world may seem because it gets harder when the worst happens we can choose to stand up ,choose to help .

That's what all day all around us people do ,So is the world dark? ,sure but there's light ,there's so much light you just have to open your eyes and look !!!

This is a beautiful world God created ,it's the evil people that live within its walls ,that contaminates this beautiful place .

We have more hate than love,more fighting than caring,more jealousy than goodwill,more corruption than peace . It's the discrimination, the segregation, the greed of political parties that's infiltrating bad vibes in the atmosphere.

Sad how something that was created to be a place of safety ,a place of harmony, a place of hope, a place where everyone just lived their lives multiplying creation ,has now become a hostile environment.

It's never too late to be the change, even when things seems hopeless there's always hope. Like the saying goes (after lightening and thunder there's always a rainbow) . Don't let what's happening around you define why you where placed in such a time like this. You where born to shine ,be the light and bring hope , so live your life to your best ,no looking back just preserving forward . This world may be a strange place but that doesn't mean you have to be strange too !!!


Stay safe



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