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The wrong one will find you in peace and leave you in pieces,but the right one will find you in pieces and lead you to peace. I should have known you where wrong for me in so many ways,but my heart wouldn't listen. I fell over heels for you,now I'm wondering if that was ever you, you just showed me what I wanted to see, showered me with love I wanted to feel . It was all a game to you ,you pursued me to fill your manly ego, something that definitely got me thinking ,I'll never know for sure...

What I do know is that when you left, you shattered my heart in thousands of pieces, truthfully I should have seen the red flags and warning signs,the change in your rash behavior ,the mood swings ,irritation, impatience and to think that only woman process these moods (monthly), we close our eyes to the truth when feelings are involved.

I'll never say I regret our time together ,because it thought me alot about myself, something that I'll never allow again. That bad taste in my mouth calling out your name still lingers, soon you'll just be a sad faded memory and a lesson I had to learn. I'm torn between sadness and relief ...

This pain I'm feeling is making me stronger ,wiser and deeper, so that I won't be blind again. I definitely won't be knocking at any door seeking love .

I'm too busy making my life better and not bitter. I don't need fixing, saving or completed, I just needed appreciation, respect and love. This time I'm finding my love from within and not with man.

(Biggest lesson I learnt through all this is too never give to much of myself to people who will not do the same). I'm still learning this lesson "better late than never " !!!

Never underestimate woman ,they know more than they say, hurt more than they show, think more than they speak , notice more than you realize.

Lesson to learn " avoid people who mess with your heart and head, avoid people who expect you to prioritize them and not you, avoid people who can't face you directly to apologize, avoid people who constantly hurt you and think nothing of it, avoid people who seek empathy and attention they not worth it, avoid people who promise to love you only to break you, avoid person who plays the helpless, broken ,grieving idiot for the wrong reasons !!!


Stay safe



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