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I am not broken ; I'm healing, wait until you see who I become . It's my life and I'm taking charge of it "my way" control comes from within, I have greatness moving in my veins,its time I showed the world what I'm truly capable of.

I know when I'm flying high with the wings that has been forged from the fires of failure ,no one will recognize me,and they don't have to ,I'm aiming for the stars just watch me go !!!

Most of my life I've been told who I'm supposed to be (I just loved doing stuff boys would do),how I'm supposed to speak ,how I'm supposed to behave,what I should and shouldn't be doing ,everyone thought I should change . Oh yes I tried it for a while but unfortunately it lead me down the wrong roads,it torn me down and broke me in pieces countless times over and over.

I had to stop all the things that were breaking me ,and I started taking control and becoming the person I myself was meant to be...

So that's what I did (I dug deep ,fought back and started rising from the ashes).

Everyone that knew me thought I was broken, I segregated myself from the world ,shut everyone that loved me out, spent my days hiding from daylight (guess that was me comfort place).

My journey back to being whole "myself"

was a painful process ,nothing happens overnight ; but it was something that was overdue . No more excuse staying down is not a healthy thing, allowing life's messes to get the best of me . That was a decision only I could make for myself. It's my time now , to rise above ,to turn my setbacks into comebacks !!!

It's my time to finally become who I knew I could be, I'm done listening to the critics and everyone who thought they knew what is best for me. Only I know what I need and what I deserve .

So that's exactly what I'm fighting for ,I'm standing up stronger than ever ,resilient and proud cos it's my life and I'm taking it back !!!

The ocean changes it's tide for no sailor

The sky drops it stars for no astronomer

And they all loved just as they are

So why should you lose yourself in order to keep another ...


Stay safe



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