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You can't save anyone,you can be present for them,offer your groundedness. You can even share your path with them,offer your perspective, but you cannot take away their pain,you cannot walk their path for them,you cannot give answers that are right for them,or even answers they can digest right now. They will have to find their own answers. It's like saying sorry when a mistake is made,you can't say sorry when trust is broken , so yes make mistakes but don't break trust, forgiving is easy but forgetting and trusting again is impossible !!!

You must learn that you should never try to burn a person who lived their entire life in the fire. Some people will never support you because they are afraid of what you might become,I'd say cut them of silently they know exactly what they did or how much they're hurt you. Do not put out your fire because someone else doesn't understand your flame . Sometimes you just have to be done,not mad,not upset just done. Make yourself a priority, at the end of the day it's only you who can fix yourself . You became a person who kept being unappreciated and you begin to say to yourself "its okay" NOO IT'S NOT OKAY !!!

As you shifting you will begin to realize that you are not the same person that you used to be,the things you use to tolerate has now become intolerable.

When you once remained quiet ,you are now speaking out, when you once battled and argued,you are now choosing to remain silent. You begin to understand the value of your voice, there's some situations and some people that no longer deserve your time ,energy and focus . You didn't wanna lose them so you lost yourself in the process,you became accustom to be mistreated and you formed a habit saying ( I'm use to it). You become this person that has been undervalued and you say "im fine "...

You've allowed yourself to being put last and your reaction would be "whatever " you've became this person who is taken for granted and you dealt with it by repeating "everything's okay"

You've have become this person who kept being so unhappy and you regularly told people "I'm going to be fine" if you reading this right now then you need to understand that no man ,no woman ,not anyone is worth losing yourself for, nobody is worth suffering for the expense of your happiness! Word of advice kill your old self and focus on "YOU" GET YOURSELF BACK ...


Stay safe


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