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Life doesn't always give breaks to those that deserve it, so you break rules and you fight hard . Life's knocks may have hit us hard but it hasn't finish us...

It's like when you on a mission and your backpack gets too heavy ,you gotta dump the stuff that's to heavy (fear is just one of those many things) take each day "low flow " without a blow ...Situations brings out the worst in people and it also brings out the best.

You cannot run from your destiny "you are who you are " !!!

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm but only a leader can stir it in the right direction ,a leader is not about being perfect its about weathering the storm and carrying on...Everyone is a moon who has a dark side which is never shown to anybody...its the secrets and dishonesty that leads to dangerous misunderstandings.

You don't always have to be strong ,it's ok sometimes you need to scream ,swear ,throw shit or just have a real good cry but you always always always need to pull yourself together and go back to the badass you truly are ...

Worry about your character not your reputation, your reputation is what people think you are, but it's your character is who you really are .

Until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far you can fly. Life is not about finding yourself ,life is about creating yourself . Damaged people are dangerous they know how to survive..."make peace with your broken pieces ". Grow silently (a seed grows with no sound ,a tree falls with a huge noise) destruction has noise ,but creation is quiet....this is the power of silence, grow silently !!!


Stay safe



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