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Strange the things you remember !!!

The people the places ,the moments in time bundle your heart forever ,while others fade in the mist. I've always lived a life different from other people , when I was a child I saw no path before me , it was just one step after another, and a day after another. No commitments, no responsibilities, no worries ,just a child enjoying her childhood and dreaming . I was never rushing towards something or someone. Then one day I turned around and looked back and saw that each step I've taken was a choice to go left or right to go forward or even not to go at all...

Every day every man every woman has a choice between right and wrong .

Sometimes between life and death, and some of those choices becomes your life . The day I realized that , is the day I became a solely independent lady ... my page has turned from an unpleasant it's time to write a new chapter going forward . I had precious little experiences from my former life , I would never had such naive expectations.

If anything returning to my former single life has tightened the tension and increased the strains of being alone again. Life presented me with more choices that would affect or improve my life for years to come...

I should have been happy that I wasn't about to tear my life apart and that I've just broken free from the grasp of unhappiness and unfairness . I've been repairing my relationship with myself and agreed no more giving into the past , I wasn't the rift it left me with ,an open wound that would not heal .

I needed closure, I needed to make decisions ,chose a course of action to heal. I wasn't happy I felt I was carrying the world on my back, for the first time I felt uncertain of my next steps, all i knew is I had to find away forward,one step at a time, one day at a time...


Stay safe



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