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"You got alot of potential don't let anyone tell you otherwise" (that's what my late brother always told me).

People look at me and think I've got it all figured out,I'm tough,I'm strong and unstoppable,honestly I'm far from all that. Most of the time that's true except when there's day's I'm just the opposite.

There's days when I'm falling apart, then there's days when I'm invincible.

I've just perfected the steel facade that contains my true feelings. I'm extremely good in putting up a brave face ,the people around me think I'm superwoman, I do this to show the world I'm strong. Truth is I can smile with you whilst I'm dying inside and you're won't even know !!!

Everyone who has crossed my path said im either the most luckiest, independent, strong lady they ever met,luckily for them they don't know how many battles I faced and overcame. There's days when all I wanna do is cry not leave the house, crawl under the covers ,shut the world out and find myself again ,regardless of how difficult it may seem. It's not always easy when you don't have a safe place or someone to lean on (in this day and time no place is safe ,and nobody is trust worthy). There's times I'm drained out but I keep pushing forward ,I have the zeal to keep fighting...

I call it survival mode, or maybe it's a habit, maybe it's because I'm really strong, or maybe it's a little bit of all of that, I don't really know and I don't have time to figure it out ,there's always something to do,someone to help ,and I do so glady with a warm smile and a caring heart . I let the world know what I want them to know (good and jovial stuff) ,I keep the rest for myself (the cries, the heartache, the pain,the hurt).

I know I'll be ok cos I do whatever it takes to keep surviving and evolving!!!

Until the day comes when I'm flying high,strong and carefree,I'll keep doing the best I can . Loving myself and the people the way that I do, and I'll definitely be smiling brightly for the world to see. I'll never have it all together ,figured or be perfect ,I'll always love that about myself.

I'm perfectly beautiful just the way I'm meant to be ,that's just the kinda person I am and will always be STRONG,PROUD AND A SURVIVOR !!!


Stay safe



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