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Yesterday I was clever so I thought I could change the world ,today I am wise, so I'm changing myself. We don't grow when things are easy ,we grow when we face challenges. I am me " I am who I am meant to be, I am not anyone,I am all three,I am a work in progress, a destiny,I am who I choose to be.

If you kick me while I'm down, you better pray I don't get up !!!

If you ever feel like you do not matter and have nothing to offer in this world (think again) . I want you to remember that there are so many good things about you, the way you smile,the way you make other people feel loved, the way you sing along to your favorite songs . The way you care about everything that's important to you, the way you comfort your friends, your family even strangers. It is easy to feel insignificant and lost amongst all those people that achieve great things and make a difference. I want to remind you that other's good actions do not invalidate your own,no matter how small they might be ,you matter so much more . Your existence is so important, you do not have to make a huge impact in order to live a meaningful life. It is the small things that you do-the smallest of things that makes this world a better place!!!

I have not been myself for a long time, and even I pretended not to notice,along with everyone else. It's a lonely place to be. Sometimes we abandon ourselves because that's the pattern we've always known ,and it's toxic as hell, but we keep doing it. It's hard to understand but sometimes familiar patterns feel like love ,and God I've been trying to love myself for most of my life. I'm telling you now ,the hardest thing I've ever done is unlearn all those patterns and teach myself the right way to love . I'm starting with myself ,it hurts alot but I have faith that one day it won't !!!


Stay safe



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