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There was this poem I read once "about a lady that stood near a cliff afraid to get near the edge for a better view because she thought she might fall,

but then someone pushed her(was this poem about murder ,no because she didn't fall she flew)the cliff was a metaphor,its what we afraid will happen, there's so much the world tells us we need that we don't really need,we don't see things clearly until something good or bad has to happen,you know how a pearl is formed all starts with one very small irritating grain of sand,the oyster doesn't like it ,it wants to keep its shell pristine,so to get rid of the sand the oyster coats it with the inner layer of its shell,but that just makes the sand bigger and even more annoying to the oyster,so the oyster keeps adding layer of layer until a pearl is formed,

the pandemic is the sand it pushed its way into all of our homes.

But it doesn't mean that it has to ruin everything, maybe it is an opportunity to transform us,it gets too much when do we get to scream at God,when do we get to open a bottle of gin and pour him a giant God size glass and push it across the table ,and he's too drunk to smide us,an we just scream ,what kind of a sick joke?if all the people that dies could have stayed and lived ,they would have stayed and live but people don't get to decide its not a choice...some people are perishing ,some are bearly holding on,but in the midst there's a good and well that there is a physiological component to recovery...

(I've seen it ) we can't be living in clouds we gotta be realistic, this world has more to offer.That feeling we get that we gotta keep going no matter what ,

That its all on your our shoulders ,its something that we were thought,

I'm guilty of it...

the pressure to keep going ,I never use to take any breaks ,I never use to let down my guard ,I never took breaks despitethe tiredness,rest is not a dirty word,rest is not laziness no matter what you're told or no matter how many times you told it.

Rest is peace ,we forget that ."DON'T BE TO QUICK TO GIVE UP ON YOUR JOY" make it your revolution, just love your life with every part of you,we think we standing on a cliff and we get scared ,being scared is not the end of the live your life how you see fit ,if guarding your own space out of habit will make you feel safe ,so what at least you trying.

Those moments when everything fades away you at your best.But there's a problem with disappearing you can't save yourself, we need this year to get better for all of us.If pride,jealousy, hatred ,is what you have within you eventually you have to disintegrate.

As nice as it is to loose all your worries you also lose the good. If you hope to have any kind of life worth living you definitely going to need the good...


Stay safe


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Steven Campbell
Steven Campbell
Jun 04, 2021

Very good reading

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