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You gonna fall inlove...and you gonna have your heart broken ,maybe once ,twice or many more times; this is life ,we know that. We've been hurt one two many times, and we survived, you've gotten stronger even better !

It maybe not have been better doesn't conquer all, loss doesn't either and "like" doesn't even come close. Sometimes falling in love is complicating, falling out of love is even more complicated !!!

Falling in love may or may not be a disaster...sometimes every relationship is out of control, you may wine up with someone in your life who will help you when you need to be helped ; love you when you do not feel lovable ; be with you no matter what ... it may or may not be worth , but we do it anyways ! We all have a choice : in sickness and in health ... in good and in bad times ...for richer or poorer... till death do you part.

(That's the commitment)...

It will get exhausting ,out of control , anything can happen at anytime to make one feel less inadequate, betrayal stoops in, to be in a relationship there is too much to do ...and to much not to do.

Nothing makes sense ,it get complicated, uncomfortable, hard, we tend to do unnatural things to make each other feel happy and we have no idea if anyone is ever truly happy !

Love is a process like peeling an onion...people are more comfortable revealing their layers gradually posed to getting sliced right in the middle !!!


Stay safe



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